Download "Case Study: Austin Energy Deploys Unique Community Solar Project With Energy Storage"

Austin Energy, a publicly owned utility in Texas, is deploying the city of Austin's first community solar installation, and including energy storage in the project as well. It has contracted PowerFin Partners for the solar aspect of the project, but has not yet specified the energy storage partner. Austin Energy provides electrical power to more than 1 million residents, making it one of the U.S.'s top 10 publicly owned utilities. It relies upon more than 3,000 MW of generation assets. Most of that comes from conventional fuels: 1,500 MW from two natural gas plants, 600 MW from coal, and 400 from nuclear. Austin Energy already uses significant amounts of renewable energy in its generation mix: 850 MW from wind farms, and 58 MW from solar. Of the latter, 30 MW is from a local solar farm, and the remainder is from distributed solar generation at the residential, commercial, and municipal level.