Download "Synthetic Biology: Applications and Lessons Learned in the Field of Bio-based Materials and Chemicals" 

Over the past decade, the use of synthetic biology (or “synbio”) tools fueled the development of a wide variety of technologies to convert biomass and other non-petroleum feedstocks into chemicals and materials. Advances in sequencing and synthesis enabled companies to scale up and put products out on the market. For those looking to enter or expand their presence in the industrial biotechnology space, the lessons learned from the first waves of Bio-based Material and Chemical companies offer valuable insights for planning future endeavors. This report quantifies and analyzes the scale-up timelines seen in the industry. From there, the lessons learned from the first wave of scale-ups are applied to today’s youngest startups – those at lab and pilot scale – to predict the likelihood of each company launching a product in each of the upcoming years.

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals Research Sample