Download Sample Research From the Agro Innovation Report "Opportunities and Threats in the Seed Treatment Industry: Where Can You Make Money?"

Seed treatments are a rapidly growing aspect of commercial agriculture. From seed disinfection to fungicidal and insecticidal treatments that protect growing seedlings, more and more seeds carry technology with them when planted. This report examines the seed treatment space, focusing on corn, soybeans, wheat, and vegetables. There is significant risk in the seed treatment industry: leading agrichemical suppliers have relatively broad portfolios of products, but those products rely on active ingredients with a small number of modes of action. There is a high risk of resistance emerging in both insects and fungi as a result, and regulatory changes pose threats to seed treatments, evident from the European ban on neonicotinoids. These risks demonstrate an unmet need for actives with novel modes of action. Further, this research finds that the corn seed treatment market is highly consolidated and centralized, while soybean seed treatments are more de-centralized. New entrants to either value chain will have limited options, requiring strategic moves to yield success.